Engaging young adults in the mission of Christ through the Community of the church in the diversity of Culture.

YiM’s Priorities


Engage God’s mission already present and active.


Embrace multiple urban and rural contexts with the local church.


Experience the diversity of people and places across the region.

Hubs of Compassion

Cactus, TX

Refugee Resourcing

Oklahoma City, OK

Urban Outreach

SW Native American District, AZ

Diverse Cultures

Flint, MI

Community Development

Philadelphia, PA

Urban Sports

St. Louis, MO

Community Connect

Indianapolis, IN

Intergen Poverty

San Antonio, TX

Latin Ministry

Toledo, OH

Church Planting

Martin County, KY

Inventive Mtn. Rural

Seattle, WA

Compassionate Ministries

Winnipeg, MB

Camps and Urban

YiM’s Story

Youth in Mission has been sending teams of young adults from the USA and Canada Nazarene Colleges/Universities to the far reaches of the globe for participating in missions since the 1960s. YIM alumni are found across the world engaging in various vocations.
Over the years, our Nazarene Universities and Colleges have created effective programs, equipping and sending Mission teams to a variety of inter-cultural settings. YIM partners and draws on their experiences to share with the majority of Nazarene young adults seeking God’s direction and vocational preparation as they explore serving in urban and rural inter-cultural situations outside the context of Nazarene higher education.

Ready to be a Missioner?

Are you Curious, Committed, or Called to the mission of God?

  Are you ready to make a difference? Let us know you are interested and let’s connect you with one of YiM’s Hubs of Compassion!