Mission Immersion 2016

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A mission training camp for 9-12th graders

July 6-14, 2016



Christ. Community. Culture.

Our Mission: Engaging young adults in the mission of Christ through the Community of the church in the diversity of Culture.



The primary purpose of the YIM re-launch is to offer a two month mission opportunity to the majority (89%) of Nazarene young adults (ages 18-25) on the USA and Canada region who are attending state colleges or universities, working, or occupying that “in-between-space” while considering what’s next in their lives. Nazarene University and College students are also welcome to apply… See More »



Youth in Mission has been sending teams of young adults from the USA and Canada Nazarene Colleges/Universities to the far reaches of the globe for participating in missions since the 1960s. YIM alumni are found across the world engaging in various vocations… See More »


What YIM Does

Youth in Mission's main goal in equipping young adults is to join God in what He is already doing by sending team members for two months to mission alongside YIM Location Coordinators in the local church context in various postures of ministry. See More »


Winnipeg, MB

winnipeg Winnipeg is considered the heart or centre of the North American Continent and is a multi-cultural city also having a large Aboriginal and Métis population. This aero space centre and a manufacturing city will be host for YiM participants to join Christ’s mission through local churches and the Siloam Mission. Oh yeah…and Winnie the Pooh was named after Winnipeg.

SW Oklahoma District

Oklahoma-City The Southwest Oklahoma District Nazarene churches collaborate with multiple Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in the Oklahoma City area. The YiM team here will be immersed among the poor and a variety of cultures in the communities including Native American and Asian.

TX / OK Latin District

Alamo San Antonio will be the mission hub from where the YIM team members will mission alongside district churches. Activities will include immersion in local hispanic ministry, outreach, vacation bible school, ministry with the disabled, youth activities, camps, and generous amounts of hospitality!

Toledo, OH

Turkey-Creek East Toledo Family Center is a campus location for Hope Community Church, sought out by local resourcing organizations because of their relationships with their neighbors as they live into the need of their context.

Seattle, WA


The Mosaic Community Coffee house in the Wallingford neighborhood will be home base for the YIM team missioning in Seattle. Partnered with local churches and organizations  participants will experience the eclectic and diverse cultures of the greater Seattle area as they serve among multiple economic demographics contexts.

Cactus, TX

Minister among resettled refugees with Nazarene Compassion Center leaders. The shocking diversity of 17 different people groups and 20 different languages will reveal the inter-cultural mission opportunities tucked away in many small communities across the region.

Detroit, MI

detroit_300 When people move away from the city, those in the most need are often left in the city. Mission alongside leaders engaged in diverse urban ministry among various age groups.

Philadelphia, PA

philledelphia_300 Philly First Nazarene and Front Step are leading the way on the Philadelphia District with a dynamic urban ministry in the midst of the city.

St. Louis, MO

sl_300 Ministry leaders in this area are missioning among those engaged in headline news coverage with some of the most critical social issues of our times.

SW Native American Dist

snad_300 There are 35 Nazarene churches in this mission area. Ministry in the Navajo Nation will be led in partnership with Nazarene church leaders who embody the gospel through their contexts and love their communities in the hope of Jesus.

Turkey Creek, KY

Turkey-Creek Teams working alongside Nazarene and local leaders seek to embody the gospel in a community with unique needs and cultures that will open your eyes to missions in all new ways.




  • Are you a young adult (18-25yrs) interested in missions?
  • Looking for an engaging opportunity to join God in his mission?
  • Want to live mission alongside those that serve, know, and love their communities in Christ?


If you are looking for a short-term option for a youth group or young adult group through YIM...you have found it! YIM is proud to present NazConneXX through partnership with CityConneXX, NYI, and Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada: nazconnexx-logo    

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