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Emily – Cactus, TX

Growing up in the Nazarene church, I had heard about Youth in Mission as a teen. I also have been interested in missions since I was little. This last summer, I traveled with a ministry team called Witness for Northwest Nazarene University. While at a camp in Washington, I met Kenny Wade as he was [...]

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YIM 2015 Stories

The YIM blog will be a place to read stories and updates from those young adults and location coordinators participating in the Summer of 2015! If you are sensing Jesus' "nudge" toward YIM for this year or next let us know and we will begin the journey of discernment together!

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Join YIM

Teams Are you a young adult (18-25yrs) interested in missions? Looking for an engaging opportunity to join God in his mission? Want to live mission alongside those that serve, know, and love their communities in Christ? Do you have a cross-cultural curiosity you are willing to cultivate in prayer? Willing to prepare in advance via [...]

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What YIM Does

Youth in Mission's main goal in equipping young adults is to join God in what He is already doing by sending team members to mission alongside YIM Location Coordinators in the local church context in various postures of ministry. Including (but not limited to): Local Church Ministry (All Age Groups) Sports & Athletic Camps Community [...]

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Youth in Mission has been sending teams of young adults from the USA and Canada Nazarene Colleges/Universities to the far reaches of the globe for participating in missions since the 1960s. YIM alumni are found across the world engaging in various vocations. Over the years, our Nazarene Universities and Colleges have created effective programs, equipping [...]

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Relaunch The primary purpose of the YIM re-launch is to offer mission opportunities to the majority (89%) of Nazarene young adults (ages 18-25) on the USA and Canada region who are attending state colleges or universities, working, or occupying that “in-between-space” while considering what’s next in their lives. Nazarene University and College students as well [...]

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