Canadian Cross-Cultural Experience

Winnipeg, Manitoba

What a splendid opportunity we as a church community experienced having a Youth in Missioner coming along side of us this summer. Korte hit the ground running working with children and youth from the inner city many who came from low-income homes and struggled with some pretty serious issues like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD and anger issues. Korte loved them with the love of Jesus and was the best canoe instructor the camp had ever seen. Of course I trained him!

Besides the camp, Korte volunteered at a Nazarene Compassionate ministry among the most vulnerable populations in Winnipeg: those experiencing homelessness, poverty and surviving the effects of trauma, mental illness and addiction. Together with some sensitivity training and cultural understanding of the Canadian Aboriginal population as well as the hurts and turmoil brought on them by the government and even the churches, Korte had a heightened awareness of the hurts and needs of this population.

Having a summer missioner was a tremendous blessing to us as well as a great opportunity for the missioner himself. We were blessed as a church, camp, and a community. We were able to introduce him to some Canadian quirks, food and culture. He got to experience: Poutine (Fries with cheese curds and gravy), perogies, cabbage rolls, moose and elk meat, our sarcastic way of life, our very multicultural city where the second most spoken language has changed recently from French to Tagalog (Philipines official language).

Youth in Mission is a tremendous program that blesses the missioners and the hosts. We were blessed!

Tim & Lindsay Enns

YiM Location Coordinators