The YIM teams and groups missioning in these locations will experience a variety of ministry opportunities alongside Nazarene leaders. Their contacts and cultures will range from remote to highly diverse and offer a kingdom perspective of serving within the USA that will reshape their worldview.

Cactus, TX

Minister among resettled refugees with Nazarene Compassion Center leaders. The shocking diversity of 17 different people groups and 20 different languages will reveal the inter-cultural mission opportunities tucked away in many small communities across the region.

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SW Native American Dist

There are 35 Nazarene churches in this mission area. Ministry in the Navajo Nation will be led in partnership with Nazarene church leaders who embody the gospel through their contexts and love their communities in the hope of Jesus.

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Turkey Creek, KY

Teams working alongside Nazarene and local leaders seek to embody the gospel in a community with unique needs and cultures that will open your eyes to missions in all new ways.

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