Are we aware of our Immersions?

A video resource from The Work of the People: A New Law Many Christians are more comfortable following artificial religious laws rather than enjoying the freedom that Christ provided in his resurrection. Christ came to give us freedom, yet many of us live as slaves, blinded to the beauty of our Christian liberty, unable to [...]

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Culture: Listen & Learn

There is never a bad time to listen and learn. Especially when it comes to understanding culture. What is culture? David Livermore offers this insight: "Culture represents the way a group of people organize their ideas and hence their lives. It’s what lies beneath what we think and how we live." (Cultural Intelligence, p.83) In [...]

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Living in the Presence of God with Susan Biehl

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Brianna in Ferguson

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Wanna see under the “Giftmas” tree?

YiM Email Update Dec 15, 2016 DIY Ornament. Sweater Contest. Advent Films. Merry Christmas!

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YiM Update December 2016

YiM Update December 2016

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Canadian Cross-Cultural Experience

Canadian Cross-Cultural Experience Winnipeg, Manitoba What a splendid opportunity we as a church community experienced having a Youth in Missioner coming along side of us this summer. Korte hit the ground running working with children and youth from the inner city many who came from low-income homes and struggled with some pretty serious issues like [...]

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YiM Holiday Dinner Therapy

Link: YiM Holiday Dinner Therapy  

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YiM Update Nov 2016

YiM Update Nov 2016 - You Make a Difference. Apply or Recommend. $300 Scholarship.

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God Called Me Back…

God Called Me Back to Cactus by Levi Havens (YiM 2016) It was May (2015) just before the regional quiz for teen bible quizzing, and the quiz-off to go to nationals. If I made it to nationals I wouldn't be able to go on the ride up to NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference). I couldn't decide [...]

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