YiM Holiday Dinner Therapy

Link: YiM Holiday Dinner Therapy  

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YiM Update Nov 2016

YiM Update Nov 2016 - You Make a Difference. Apply or Recommend. $300 Scholarship.

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God Called Me Back…

God Called Me Back to Cactus by Levi Havens (YiM 2016) It was May (2015) just before the regional quiz for teen bible quizzing, and the quiz-off to go to nationals. If I made it to nationals I wouldn't be able to go on the ride up to NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference). I couldn't decide [...]

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YiM Update Oct 2016

Select the link below to view this months email update: YiM Update - October 2016

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YiM Update – Sept 2016

Select the link below to view this months email update: YiM Update - September 2016

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Operating Out of Perception – Richard Twiss

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Mission Immersion – Scholarship Funds

Individuals, churches, districts, or organizations can donate to the Mission Immersion Fund by following this link and contributing for participants. When prompted to enter your church name also add the student's name you are connected to participating in Mi2016: Donate Now »  

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Missional Imagination – Hannah Terry

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The Work of the People – Fuzz Kitto

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YiM & Mi logo design

Janson Card is a business marketing major with a minor in graphic design from Northwest Nazarene University. He is passionate about advancing God’s Kingdom by using his gifts to memorably communicate impactful messages and stories. To see some of Janson’s other design work or to partner with him on a project, please don’t hesitate to contact [...]

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