Youth In Mission would like to encourage Nazarene church districts to create a $1,000 scholarship for a participant from their district to participate with YiM. This effort equips young adults with the financial and relational investment they need to nudge them that much closer to joining the mission of Christ as a disciple for life.

Does your district have this type of vision and commitment to address the need we all have to engage young adults in the mission of Christ through the Community of the church in the diversity of Culture across the USA/Canada region?

Here's how it works

Email me (Kenny Wade) confirming you would like to participate:

Network on your district with NYI, NMI, SDMI or all of the above to create the YiM District scholarship. Then promote your YiM Scholarship opportunity for young adults on your district through the most effective ways for your district context. (ie-District eNewsletter, social media posts, email youth/young adult leaders directly, email pastors directly, promote at district events, other gatherings, invite young adults directly in person, etc.)

Create a scholarship application form for applications to apply for the scholarship with. Use this customizable scholarship application template as a guide for us to contextualize the process for you district together.

I’d be happy to talk through options, possibilities and details with the leader on your district you select as the point person for this opportunity!

Let’s talk!

Missioning together,

Kenny Wade

YIM Coordinator