NCM on the USA/Canada region (aka-Youth In Mission) is seeking mission minded RV travelers who will provide their time, RV, and cover their own expenses to lead, coach, staff, and transport a team of multi-media (photography, videography, social media) young adults to specific Hubs of Compassion on the region to collect stories to share by creating promotion projects. Locations and duration over June-July would be determined in collaboration with the YiM Coordinator, RVers, recruited young adults, and the location.

Intersted? Let us know!

Those interested can begin here adding in comments “RV” and will be contacted directly

Are you networked with any retired RV “Grey Nomads” (what they call them DownUnder:) who are missionally minded and motived to participate in a crazy idea like this in partnership with NCM USA/Canada this summer joining the mission of Christ in a creative way?

Hubs of Compassion Tour – East to West

Host, House, transport (own expense), mentor (also be mentored!) and mission with a small team of media savvy millennials (3-4) who raise their own funds as they journey to Hubs of Compassion East, Midwest, and West on the USA/Canada region this summer. The young adults would be networked and connected with RV partners and/or said Grey Nomads could invite your adults with fire-mentioned skills to participate through inviting to apply. Durations can be weekend excursions, 1-2 weeks, or 1 month long depending on the group mix, and distances. Single locations or multiple locations. Cost will reflect these variables. June-July 2018.


Collecting mission stories of practical compassion through the medium of presence/listening, video/photography, and art. These discoveries will then be shared to promote the strategic missional value of each context and their diverse culture to inspire groups, teams, individuals, and couples intergenerationally to join the mission of God on our region in these places. Teams will also be connecting with Naz churches, camps, campus mission leaders, and contacts along the way.


Philadelphia, PA – Urban / Sport Inez, KY – Appalachia Outreach Ashland, KY – River community


Seattle, WA (NCM & church plants) Dilkon, AZ (SW Native Am. District) Cactus, TX (refugees) San Antonio, TX (TOLD)


Flint, MI – Covered Toledo, OH – Covered Indianapolis, IN – Covered Winnipeg, Manitoba – NCM / Camps St. Louis (North County) OKC – NCM’s


Location 1 Location 2 Location 3

Thoughts? Contacts? Network suggestions?

Are you interested in participation?


Kenny YiM Coordinator