• Are you a young adult (18-25yrs) interested in missions?
  • Looking for an engaging opportunity to join God in his mission?
  • Want to live mission alongside those that serve, know, and love their communities in Christ?
  • Do you have a cross-cultural curiosity you are willing to cultivate in prayer?
  • Willing to prepare in advance via monthly virtual meetings with a team?
  • Ready to grow as a team in leading a youth group for their short-term mission trip?
  • Have you checked out the YIM Locations yet?


YIM Calendar 2016

Date Activity
Jan – May Mentor & Prep / Monthly Team Training / Fundraising
June 1-5 Training Camp: Indianapolis
June 5-6 Location Deployment
July 5-14 Mission Immersion: High Schoolers / Indianapolis
July 28 – Aug 1 Re-entry Camp: Indianapolis
Aug – Sept Mentor Re-entry Journey


Team Member Pricing: $2,800.00*

9 Weeks | Transportation | Housing | Meals | Admin| Training/ReEntry Camps

*Price may vary depending on location and does not include transport to Training Camp or from ReEntry Camp


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If you are looking for a short-term option for a youth group or young adult group through YIM…you have found it!

YIM is proud to present NazConneXX through partnership with CityConneXX, NYI, and Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada:


  • Are you looking for a new mission experience for your youth or young adult group?
  • Willing to invest ahead of time in relationships and preparation?
  • Ready to serve at home before you serve somewhere else?
  • Do you have a range of ages and generations interested?
  • Wanna see the USA a in a whole new way?
  • Is the budget a factor?
  • Prayed about it?

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