Missioner meaning and Balloon story

Dalyn from the Seattle, WA area shares:

“The meaning behind my missioner tattoo; during training camp in July 2016, Kenny Wade said, “you don’t have to be on a mission trip to be a missioner.” (*scroll to the bottom for definition) I try to treat every day no matter where I am as if I am on a mission trip. I am called to serve others no matter where I am.”

[Kenny: In September of 2016 I noticed Dalyn had posted pics on her social media of the tattoo she was getting and was reminded of YiM’s relaunch goal to “mark young adults for the mission of Christ” and to have the mission of God tattooed on their heart but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…ha!]

Dalyn: “The balloon represents that I am constantly growing in my relationship with Christ. The suitcases represent that no matter how much I grow in Christ, I can use my “baggage” to help connect with others while serving them!”

“So my “luggage” that I will always have with me is that my dad left me in 2007 but I still have connections with his sisters so I feel like that represents that I will always carry my childhood and the difficulties that I went through.”

Dalyn: “When I say “treating every day like I’m on a mission trip” I mean treating others how Christ would. I notice someone on the side of the road who looks in distress and I can’t pull over or don’t feel comfortable (if I’m by myself) then I’ll take a couple of minutes and pray for that person and simply ask that God will keep them safe in their situation and that if they already don’t know God, that I hope they will hear Him and start following him. I also treat everyone with respect. I started working retail which really tests your patience but I simply remind myself that I am a child of God and I want to treat others how Christ would treat them.”

Missioner-Tattoo Video

Gramophone (added more recently): “The music is a way for my mom and I to connect, we have been attending concerts together since I was 4. So it’s something that we can always relate to. And to be honest I just thought it would look cool to have cloud coming out and adding to the balloon.”

~ Dalyn C. / Missioner 2016, 2017 and daily!

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*Missioner: Origin of using the term missioner  with Youth In Mission:

I was first taught the term missioner by Australian and missional church consultant Fuzz Kitto in 2008.  We Skyped him into our local youth staff meeting in Boise, ID from wherever he was in the world. I think it was Bristol, England at the time? As I interviewed him asking what he could share with us about youth he was meeting around the world and joining the mission of God he used the term “missioner.” When I asked him what he meant by this term he shared something like this:  “A missioner is anyone who is seeking to bring about the kingdom of God wherever they are.” As a Nazarene youth pastor raised in the theological framework of the Wesleyan Holiness tradition I noticed this meaning and terminology closely aligned with prevenient grace.

I have adapted the term over the years and specifically with Youth In Mission to mean anyone who is seeking to join the mission of God. This seems fitting to me as Christ sent out his first disciples to proclaim the kingdom of God is near. We are to join the efforts of God’s kingdom coming now through Christ, even as he invited us as his disciples to pray “your kingdom come.” And ultimately God’s kingdom is established fully on earth in Revelation 21, and God makes everything new. We add to that prayer the effort daily to join Christ in that mission through a myriad of actions in practical compassion and cooperating with the Spirit of God already present and active and going before us; working in and through every person and situation.

We are missioners: Anyone actively seeking to join Christ in mission wherever they may be!

Kenny Wade,

YiM Coordinator / 2014-Present