The primary purpose of the YIM re-launch is to offer mission opportunities to the majority (89%) of Nazarene young adults (ages 18-25) on the USA and Canada region who are attending state colleges or universities, working, or occupying that “in-between-space” while considering what’s next in their lives. Nazarene University and College students as well as young adults apart of other churches or campus organizations are welcome to apply! (see more)

Recruitment for 12 teams of 4 young adults from across the USA and Canada region is underway for 2016. YIM is also partnering with Naz Connexx for youth or young adult groups looking for summer short-term mission experiences (5-7 days). YIM hopes to contribute to the resourcing of youth leaders and groups for greater socio-economic and cultural awareness preparation in the domestic mission opportunities of the USA and Canada region through the Church of the Nazarene. New Class & Culture Awareness training is being developed. YIM also seeks to achieve these goals through the relational dynamics of location coordinators embedded missionally in their contexts, YIM teams joining them in their missional initiatives, and youth or young adult groups serving on their short-term mission experience to gain a greater awareness for the diversity of their own and other cultures.