YiM Tshirt Competition



The goal of this shirt is to represent the relevance of cultural diversity to the mission of Youth in Mission. The prior two shirts were based on the themes of Christ and Community. Now is your chance to produce the 2017 shirt inspired by the third theme: Culture.

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1st Place – $100 Amazon gift card, promotion of artwork, and a free shirt
2nd Place – $50 Amazon gift card and a YiM swag bag
3rd Place – $25 Amazon gift card and a YiM swag bag

Do you love sharing awesome opportunities? Spread the word on social media to win our Advocate Award. The person with the most verifiable interactions (shares, likes, comments, retweets, etc.) on various platforms, by April 2nd will receive a $30 Amazon gift card and YiM swag bag.


Click the folder to download the files you will need for the competition. The folder includes t-shirt mockups, YiM logos, PSD templates, criteria for the competition, instructions for submission, and more details.



The winning shirt will best represent the theme of cultural diversity with clarity and creativity. The Scripture verse Acts 17:28 may be of some inspiration to you. The judges will be YiM staff and past YiMers. The top three finalists will be up for nomination between April 3rd and April 10th. The results for top three winners will be posted April 11th, and the finalist will be contacted via email.


Fill in the following boxes to submit your design. This information will primarily be used to contact you in the event your design is chosen.

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