Youth in Mission’s main goal in equipping young adults is to join God in what He is already doing by sending team members to mission alongside YIM Location Coordinators in the local church context in various postures of ministry.

Including (but not limited to):

  • Local Church Ministry (All Age Groups)
  • Sports & Athletic Camps
  • Community Volunteer Projects
  • Volunteering with Shelters, Nursing Homes, and Kids programs
  • Kids Camps & Vacation Bible Schools
  • Grunt Work (Cleaning, Gardening, Painting, Construction,)
  • Promotion efforts

Internship Possibilities

We’ll work together with you and YIM Location Coordinators to see if we can offer options in these vocations and more. A YIM team position may qualify for internship or cross-cultural credits in your academic setting! We want to serve together as the Church in the present as we seek to be equipped for the kingdom of God in the future!

  • Healthcare
  • Social work
  • Business
  • Language
  • Teaching
  • Ministry
  • Sciences
  • Politics
  • Missions
  • Tutoring
  • Cross-Cultural
  • Community Service